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Healthy Eating

Why is making healthy food choices important to you and your families health?

Healthy eating is important for good health and can help to prevent and manage many health problems. Nutritious food gives our bodies the energy to get through the day and lead healthy, active lives. Choosing a variety of foods from the four foods groups will help you get the right balance of vitamins, mineral and other nutrients. Healthy eating is not a diet. It’s a way of eating that promotes variety and balance of foods you enjoy from Canada’s Food Guide every day. 

Grande Prairie Nutrition Resources

Alberta Health Services offer Healthy Living education classes and individual nutrition counseling with Registered Dietitians at the Public Health Centre in the Provincial Building.  Click here for a description of the classes and contact information.

The Eastlink Centre now has a Registered Dietitian! Click here for service and contact information.

Or check out the Healthy Eating Resources page for links from trusted Canadian resources.